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The Levin Bridge Club is located in Levin in the Horowhenua  District of  New Zealand. One of several clubs in the Central Districts region, we have members from Levin, Foxton, Waitarere, Otaki, and Ohau and provide a facility in Levin for learning about and playing the game of bridge. The club is an affiliated member of New Zealand Bridge Inc. All grades of playing are catered for and the club also hosts several tournaments during the year.

Visitors are welcome. Contact the secretary for more information.

The club is located at 17 Tawa St in Levin

2022 Levin Bridge Club COVID policy

Under the Covid-19 Protection Framework:


  • The Club will remain closed


  • The Club will be open at Orange and Green
  • A current My Vaccine Pass is required for entry - this includes any visitors, groups or individuals who also have reason to be on the premises
  • Anyone with a Government issued Vaccine exemption is required to wear a mask - evidence of exemption to be sighted
  • Members vaccination passes will be verified once and recorded on a membership register, noting name and expiration date
  • Scanning in using the QR code, or some other form of personal record keeping, is required for contact tracing purposes, noting the Club maintains its own records of attendance via the scoring software
  • With a My Vaccine Pass policy in place there are no limits placed on numbers or spacing


Verification of Vaccine Passses

Please present your My Vaccine Pass the next time you play.

A Committee Member will sight your pass and note on a register your name and vaccine expiry date.

Once verified you will not need to produce your pass again.


Keeping it safe guidance to players during Covid 19 .


          If you have Covid 19 symptoms stay away and seek medical advice.

          If you have a cold or flu like symptoms or are not well for any reason stay home

          Cough or sneeze into your upper arm or elbow.

         Wash your hands with soap and water.

          If you use a tissue dispose of it immediately and wash your hands.

          Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

          Use the hand sanitiser provided. Please ensure your hands are dry before handling the cards.

          Players may optionally choose to wear masks if they wish.

          Playing lists will be filed in case of need for contact tracing.



Sessions and Matchmakers

Be Seated By

Day and Grade 



7:15 PM

Monday All welcome

Cath and Dave Bennet

027 2761101 

1:15 PM

Tuesday All welcome

Margaret Clarke


7:15 PM

Wednesday Intermediate and Senior

Val Smith


7:15 PM

Thursday Junior

Trish Tough


1:15 PM

Friday All welcome

 Stafford Ball


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