Ethics And Etiquette

Players should refrain from these acts: 

1.     A remark, question, gesture or mannerism, which may convey information to partner or mislead an opponent.

2.    A pass or bid made with special emphasis, inflection, haste, or undue hesitation.

3.     A play made with emphasis, undue haste or unreasonable delay, when the act might convey information to partner or might mislead an opponent.

4.     Indicating by facial expressions or in any way showing approval or disapproval of partner's play or call.

5.     Giving, by word, manner or gesture an indication of the hand held.

6.     Frequent review of the auction or play due to your own inattention.

7.     Volunteering information that should be given only in response to a question.

8.     Making a gratuitous comment during the play period as to the auction or the adequacy of the auction.

9.     Moving the board from the centre of the table.

10. Detaching a card from your hand before it is your turn to play or lead, or detaching a card then replacing it.

11. Touching or playing a card while Dummy, unless directed to do so by declarer.

12.  Gathering the cards before the result of the deal has been agreed. 

13. Loud discussion of the hand just played.

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