A Guide For Members

Levin Bridge Club Constitution 2018 (PDF File)


  1. Starting Times: Tuesday & Friday seated by 1.10pm to start play by 1.15pm. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday seated by 7.15pm to start play by 7.20pm. 
  1. Table Seating: Before play starts one person will toss. The winners must sit North/South. Notwithstanding the director has the right to assign seats. 
  1. West is responsible for checking the table money. 
  1. North is responsible to ensure the table is left tidy and that boards and bridge pads are returned to a central place. 
  1. Bridge Pads: It is extremely important that the person entering the data into the bridge pads must hand over the bridge pad to the opposition to check and send.  
  1. Parking: The four reserved parking spaces adjacent to the main entrance are for the use of our less mobile members.
  2. System Regulations: Blue, green and red systems that exclude brown sticker conventions maybe played in any club event. Yellow systems (HUMs etc) may not be played on club nights. Details of different systems and conventions are specified in the NZ Bridge Manual and on the NZBridge website. Refer to Competition Rule 3. Psychic bids are not permitted on Thursday evenings.
  3. Announcing 1C and 1NT. As soon as your partner bids 1C or 1NT, you must announce your agreement regarding these bids. 
  1. Complaints:

The director must be called for any irregularity in play. 

The club has a no tolerance policy to foster an atmosphere where bridge can be played and enjoyed by all without unpleasantness caused by poor etiquette or bad behavior. A copy of this policy is displayed on the notice board and is available on the club’s website.  

The club also has a ‘recorder’ whose job it is to handle complaints from members who have other concerns that may detract from the enjoyment of the game

Competition Rules

1. In all competitions, all scores to count except in Championship events where the best 5 of 6 sessions will count. 

2. Competition winners will be decided by highest overall percentage. 

3. System cards must be carried for all pairs events. 

4. Individual events require different partners for all playing nights if you wish to be included in the competition. 

5.   One substitute only is allowed in three, four or five session events. No player may substitute for a player who is present at the same session. Where two players require a substitute, the pair for whom the score will count must be nominated before the start of play.  

6. Visitors are welcome to play on any night for up to three nights in any year.

Eligibility To Play

Grading of Club Members

Based on Bridge NZ calculated Rankings as at January 2021


Open                5-Star Local Masters and above

Intermediate -  0-4 Star Local Masters

Junior -            Club Masters, Novice and Certificate of Proficiency


A list of current grades is published on the website


Supporting Notes

Players who are returning to bridge from a break will be graded at the discretion of the committee.


For tournament play NZBridge gradings will apply.


Wednesday is for Open and Intermediate competition events. Thursday night is for Junior competitions.


Players may only play in one set of club championships: Junior, Intermediate or Open


Thursday Junior room

Intermediate players with 30 or less Rating Points and less than 10,000 C Points can play without penalty.

Eligible Intermediate players cannot play together in the Thursday Championships but may play with a Junior player.

Non-eligible Intermediate players may be invited into the room by the Convenor or as a Director. A 5% penalty will apply. Open players who direct may play with a 10% penalty.


Edited 4/7/21 to match the published rules in the bridge book

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