DUPLICATE LOGIN - please be seated at least 10 mins early

Online Social Bridge

Levin Bridge Club

Monday Social Pairs



Every Monday

At 7PM(Logged in ready to play by 6.50pm)


C points awarded

·      No partner required there is always one person free.

·      If you need a partner sit at the highest number table.

·      Payment: by electronic invoice at month end, if an email is provided or by Direct Credit (details on website).

·      If non-members provide an email address, they can be added to Pianola for emailed results and be invoiced.

·      Login link via Levin Bridge Club Website - Online Bridge Links to Sessions (levinbridge.nz)

·      Telephone: Bryan Green 021 428 382


·      Email levinbridge@outlook.com

Connection tips

Do look at the RealBridge website. You will see a guide and some annotated screenshots. https://realbridge.online/player-guide.html

By reading the website guide, you will understand a bit about how RealBridge works, and you will enjoy the event more because you can use the settings and media controls.

If you are a tablet user, we suggest that you use “Simplified cards”.

If you are an iPad user, and you have iOS versions 15, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, please contact RealBridge before the game starts. There is a setting you need to change. Please don’t leave this to the last minute.

Send an email to support@realbridge.online with your phone number


Step 1  - getting ready – special camera and microphone test takes 3 mins, please do it a little time before. If you leave it till the last moment, we may not have time to assist you. You will be asked to provide Camera and Microphone access. Please make sure you answer the questions Yes.

Make sure your camera and microphone are working. Log out of any other applications.


Do the test here. Allow time to do this. Please do look at all of the pages, because if you don’t see your video, there are explanations about what to do.

If it still doesn’t work, contact support@realbridge.online tell them your computer (PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet, etc)  and your browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc). You must tell us this information, otherwise, we cannot help you.


Step 2  - in order to play on RealBridge

Just click the link below. Put in your full real name, and click login.

Use your NZBridge number for the ID


lease sit immediately - don’t just wait in the lobby area.

Sit at a table (by clicking Sit E, for example). Please familiarise yourself with the buttons, and click the settings icon to choose options that will suit you.

Ipad Users

If you use an IPad

iPads with iOS 15

This is the advice that we first circulated in December 2021. Many iPad users have followed the advice, and now have no more problems.

The latest release of iOS – version 15 – causes problems when playing on RealBridge. The symptoms are:

  • Loss of video and/or audio.
  • Freezing, so that you can’t click anything.

The problem may occur at every table, or it may only occur against some opponents.

There is no need to suffer these problems – RealBridge have a solution which takes a few minutes to do. It will solve the problem permanently.

If you have iOS 15, please do follow RealBridge’s advice. Even if you are not having problems now, this will prevent you from having problems in the future.

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have not already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge in December/January, there is a settings change that you should make.

RealBridge are very happy to talk you through the procedure. You can contact them on the number above. It will take only a few minutes.

If you are happy to make the changes yourself, please see:

For experienced users: https://realbridge.online/settings-change-ios-15.html

Step-by-step instructions, with pictures: https://realbridge.online/media-support-settings-change-ios-15-detailed.html

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge on or after 8 December, we also recommend that you upgrade to iOS 15.3.1. You do not need to make any other settings changes.

If you have made the changes but you are still having problems, please contact RealBridge, and they will help you to check your settings.

If you don’t know which version of iOS you have, see https://realbridge.online/media-support-settings-change-ios-15-detailed.html#check_ios_version , or contact RealBridge for help.

For all iPads with iOS 15, you should use Safari, not Google Chrome.

MacBooks and iMacs with Monterey or Safari 15

If you have a Mac that has been upgraded to macOS Monterey, and you use Safari, please see the instructions here:


If you have a Mac that has not been upgraded to macOS Monterey, but does have Safari 15, and you are experiencing freezing or loss of audio, also please see the instructions here:



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