Interclub Selection

Levin Bridge Club Team Selection Process



The Committee will appoint two Selectors, independent of the Committee, as selectors each year. The Selectors are responsible for selecting Senior, Intermediate and Junior pairs to represent the club at Interclub or other relevant events.


Eligibility for selection

-          Players are to be financial members of the Levin Bridge Club

-          Pairs to have a history of playing together


Selection Criteria

Ranking is based on:

-          Scores achieved by the pair in the current year

-          The strength of each player as measured by NZ Bridge rating points



The Selectors are to identify two pairs who they consider would best represent the club and rank them in order.

The top two ranking pairs in each grade are invited to join the team.

If a pair declines the invitation, the next ranking pair is approached, and so on.


Notifying outcome of selection process

-          The selectors will report to the Committee after selection is completed noting:

o   Team composition

o   Any matters the Committee should be aware of

-          The Committee will announce the team composition to club members via email and a list on the noticeboard

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