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RealBridge Joining Instructions (what to do when you have clicked the Login Link)

  1. Name - FULL NAME  - your real name eg John Smith 
  2. ID number - NZBridge number   

  3. Click Login - and you will be in the club lobby   

  4. Join a table

       Sit where you want

      (just click the white button for the  seat)          

RealBridge Information - Daytime & Evening Duplicates

When you first log in you will be in the Club Lobby. From here you can type in the chatbox to the director if needed.
Otherwise, just click on any seat to get to your table. Look to see if your partner is already there and join them. At the table, you will see and hear the others at the table.

If you need the director then press the Director button and they will join you in the top left-hand corner.

Monday Social  7pm

RealBridge features live video streaming of all 4 players at the table (plus the director when called).

You are at your table where you can see and speak to the other three players. When it's time to move you are seamlessly moved to the next table. If you haven't finished playing the hand you will not be whisked away before you have like you do in BBO games.

You will need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone. If you have the choice of both then a computer is preferable because of the screen size and ease of playing the cards. Please note that smartphones will not work nor iPads more than 5 years old.

Please see here to check what device you need to be able to use RealBridge successfully

If you are in the same house as someone else you MUST be in different rooms as otherwise there will be terrible interference from the microphones.

When you are at the table have a look at these features

At the end of the session when play has finished you can leave your table and go and chat with friends at another table if there is a seat. 

Connections Issues with Real Bridge


The main issue that Directors have with online bridge is connection issues for some players. 


In some cases, this is because you do not have a reliable connection. This you need to sort out with your provider if you can.  You may look at tethering to a cell phone or getting a satellite connection as options.

 For others it is an intermittent problem so below are some ways to at least minimise what the problem might be.

1    Every so often (monthly) turn off the power to your modem (turn back on after 10 seconds) to clear any build-up of "junk" (technical term).

2    Keep close to your wifi (modem). If you are on the fringes of your connection you may drop out every so often.

3    If you have more than one access to a wifi check that the other access points are not set to "connect when in range".  If signals vary it may be that the connection switches while you are playing and is temporarily lost.

4    Make sure you are up to date with all your operating and security updates.

5     If you have an older device this may also be a problem.

6     If you have a wifi problem you should set up a wired connection (if you can) either to your modem or to your cell phone (tethering).  This will eliminate any of the wifi drop out issues 

7    When playing online, remember to refresh in the Real Bridge application every hour. If you have a connection issue or something not working this is your first thing to do.  Sometimes you may need to do it more than once.

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