March Newsletter

Sunday, 09 April 2023 by Levin Bridge Club

Kia ora koutou, greetings all

Levin Bridge Club is humming at the moment and the lessons are well under way for new players. Thanks to Margaret and her team for the excellent job they are doing.


Recent Results

Doddridge Pairs


1st Kerry Geertson and Paul Simons

2nd Derryn Comber and Mark Kuijten


1st Hank Ankins and June Shepherd

2nd Val Smith and Sue Staples

Wright Swiss Pairs


1st Anthea Black and Naciye Bagci

2nd Dorothy Mackay and Marie Kerrison


1st Lynne Long and Mark Kuijten

2nd Noeline Sissons and Jan Fryer

Fairfield Pairs

1st Mary Growcott and Dayle Harpur

2nd Aster Ferguson and Yvonne Ralph

Bruce Jones Pairs

1st Aster Ferguson and Andrew Cozens

2nd Terry Taylor and Dorothy Rofe



The committee has received comment both from visitors and from people new to the room that it would be helpful if members wore their name badges. It would be appreciated if you could make an effort in this area.


Booking Sheet

The booking sheets will only work for those seeking partners if they are filled in by people with partners. For the benefit of everyone, please make the effort to fill them in.



The club now has a Facebook page. It’s still in it’s initially stages and was used successfully to promote the lessons. Check it out.




The committee is considering another lot of lessons starting later in the year. If you know of someone who is keen, let me know. 


Friday Dates

Please note the incorrect date in your Programme Book. Friday bridge begins on Friday 14th April and is from 11am to 2.30pm. Bring your own lunch and be prepared to play with whatever name you pull out of the hat.


Thursday Mini Lesson

On Thursday 30th March Dorothy will go over transfer responses to 1NT. Come to bridge early at 6.30pm for this lesson. It follows on from learning Stayman earlier in the year.



Our Easter Multigrade Tournament is on Saturday 8th April. All grades are welcome to play. You can register now. A box is in the kitchen for preserves, jams, pickles etc to help make up the raffle prizes.


Fourth Best

Mark: Why did you lead the nine from K-9-7-5-2?

Lynne: I play fourth best.

Mark: Then why not the five?

Lynne: Darn! I always forget which end to count from.


Clear as Mud

Aster: Do you play M-U-D?

Bernard: No, never heard of it.

Aster: Then what do you lead from three-small?

Bernard: Fourth best, I guess.


Sponsor Spotlight this month:



Furniture – Automotive - Marine



Murray Forward – Qualified Tradesman and Joiner



Your total electrical specialists


We ask that you support our sponsors in return for the support they give to the Club.


Happy Bridging,

Lynne Long, on behalf of the Committee