Welcome to Levin Bridge Club

The Levin Bridge Club is located in Levin in the Horowhenua  District of  New Zealand. One of several clubs in the Central Districts region, we have members from Levin, Foxton, Waitarere, Otaki, and Ohau and provide a facility in Levin for learning about and playing the game of bridge. The club is an affiliated member of New Zealand Bridge Inc. All grades of playing are catered for and the club also hosts several tournaments during the year.

Visitors are welcome. Contact the secretary for more information.

The club is located at 17 Tawa St in Levin


Catching you up on a few things:

1. Unfortunately Friday afternoon sessions have been discontinued due to lack of interest - the last 3 weeks have had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers. Thanks to Val and Sharon for their efforts to get this up and running over the last month.

2. Pianola is currently reporting percentages in the board records that are higher than 100%. The percentages and placings recorded for the overall session results are correct. This has happened because our scoring program now reports matchpoints as decimals rather than whole numbers. Bryan has asked Pianola if they can fix the issue The match points should be multiplied by 10.

3. Mulitgrade Swiss Pairs Tournament, Saturday 29th August - Please register on the NZ Bridge Website or with our Tournament Secretary  Barbara Taylor 021 252 4937 or Email:  levinbridge@outlook.com . Include your NZCBA grade and computer number.

Sessions and Matchmakers

Be Seated By

Day and Grade 



7:15 PM

Monday All welcome

Cath and Dave Bennet


027 2761101 

1:15 PM

Tuesday All welcome

Lynne Long

027 6543947

7:15 PM

Wednesday Intermediate and Senior

Val Smith


7:15 PM

Thursday Junior

Barbara Taylor


1:15 PM

Friday All welcome



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